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Founded in 1998, the Techniglass Corporation of Amherst, New York specializes in developing innovative, patented products for the art glass industry. Though glass making is an ancient art, the tools to make magnificent art need not be. Michael Hacikyan, the inventor, an engineer by profession and an artisan by choice, designs grinder accessories keeping the following principles in mind:

Simplicity: The accessory must be easy and comfortable to use.

Afforable: All accessories need to be manufactured and retailed at a price point which hobbyists and professionals find affordable.

Safety: The accessory must be safe to handle and prevent even the most minor accidents from occuring.

Tool-less: No hand tools should be required for installation.

Efficient: The accessory should produce the desired result with a minimum of effort, expense or waste.

Universal: Accessories are designed, in as much as possible, as generic or univeral to fit most every grinder model.

Pleasure: The accessory should enhance the art glass making experience.

Quality and innovation are a given at Techniglass. All products are rigorously tested before launch and further quality control tested when in production.

These simple, yet important product features are fundamental to the success of Techniglass. Techniglass is, and will continue to be, advancing art glass technology tomorrow and in the future.