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The Aqua Flow System®



Prevents Dry Out, Does Not Clog, Prolongs Bit life

The only system that provides continuous water, continuous cleaning and the joy of continuous grinding!
Continuous Water Flow:
The Aqua Flow System proprietary brush bristles transfer water from the reservoir to the grinder bit continuously, requiring the addition of water only at the onset of grinding.

Anti-Clog Technology:
Conventional sponges suffer from sludge build up, making it necessary to clean the sponge. The Aqua Flow System’s anti-clog technology allows water to flow continuously, drawing sludge away from the grinding bit.

Prevents Dry-Out:
With conventional sponges, water needs to be added every 10-15 minutes. With the Aqua Flow System, the brush bristles do not absorb sludge or dry-out, eliminating the need for constant cleaning and hydration.

Prolongs Bit Life:
The proprietary brush bristles constantly clean the grinder bit while supplying water continuously. This feature maximizes the life of the grinding bit, ultimately saving you money on replacements.

Self-Locking Snap-In Holder:
Once the self-locking snap-in holder is inserted, it will not detach as conventional sponges do.


At the onset of grinding or when the grinder has been idle over an extended period of time, splash a few drops of water over brush bristles. This will hydrate brush bristle to commence grinding.
1. Discard sponge



2. Remove grinder grid.



3. Install or ensure Quick-Fit Bit® or conventional grinder bit is locked securely on grinder shaft.



4. Slide brush through track on the Aqua Flow System holder.

5. Snap in self-locking Aqua Flow System holder between grinder shaft and reservoir back wall. Brush should touch grider bit.



6. Fill reservoir with water. a minimum of 1/8″ of water must be maintained for Aqua Flow System to operate.



7. Align grid opening over the Aqua Flow System’s brush and grinder bit. Set in place.

To maintain optimum performance of your Aqua Flow System, periodically wash brush and holder with warm water to remove excess debris.


Item Number Grinder Model
AFS-D/S Diamond Star
AFS-D/S Super Star
AFS-A All Star

US and Foreign Patents Issued

Item Number Grinder Model
AFS-I All Inland
(Except Impulse)
Item Number Grinder Model
AFS-B All Models