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Brilliant Bit®



Traditional Design for Superior Results

The Brilliant Bit features a high-quality diamond grit available in 1″ (25mm) and 3/4″ (19mm) diameters with Rapid, Standard, Fine and Ultra Fine varieties.

Precision Manufactured Solid Brass Body:
The design improves stability and resists fatigue cracks caused by vibration when grinding.

Stainless Steel Set Screw:
Like brass, will not corrode over time.

Proprietary Diamond Bonding Technique:
Layers of ever-lasting diamonds create uniform results.

Affordable Quality:
The Brilliant Bit is the long lasting, affordable alternative.


Open Bit-Holder
Loosen the screw on the Brilliant Bit by using an allen key to turn it counter clockwise.

Add Grinding Bit
Slide the bit DOWN the shaft until approximately 1/8″ of the diamond surface is above the work surface.

Secure the bit to the shaft by tightening the set screw.

Fresh Grit
When the exposed diamond no longer grinds efficiently, loosen the set screw and move the bit UP the motor shaft to expose a fresh section of diamond.


Item Number Description
BB 3/4 R Brilliant Bit 3/4″ Rapid
BB 1 R Brilliant Bit 1″ Rapid
BB 3/4 S Brilliant Bit 3/4″ Standard
BB 1 S Brilliant Bit 1″ Standard
BB 3/4 F Brilliant Bit 3/4″ Fine
BB 1 F Brilliant Bit 1″ Fine
BB 3/4 UF Brilliant Bit 3/4” Ultra Fine
BB 1 UF Brilliant Bit 1” Ultra Fine
Item Number Description
BBD 3/4 R Brilliant Bit Duo 3/4″ Rapid
BBD 1 R Brilliant Bit Duo 1″ Rapid
BBD 3/4 S Brilliant Bit Duo 3/4″ Standard
BBD 1 S Brilliant Bit Duo 1″ Standard
BBD 3/4 F Brilliant Bit Duo 3/4″ Fine
BBD 1 F Brilliant Bit Duo 1″ Fine
BBD 3/4” UF Brilliant Bit Duo 3/4” Ultra Fine
BBD 1” UF Brilliant Bit Duo 1” Ultra Fine