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My Techniglass journey began with PAPYROS® Kiln Shelf Paper when I worked at Spectrum Glass Co. That product dramatically transformed my professional and personal kiln/studio clean-up drudgery. I am so happy I need rarely ever need to pull out my shop-vac anymore. What an incredible improvement for glass fusers. I produce a lot of thicker, Frit paintings and I re-fire these pieces as many as 4-6 times using the same piece of PAPYROS. While multi-use is not the key product motivator for me, I can often times get more than one use after many full fused projects and with tack and contour fuses, often times 2–3 uses.

Scandia Wood

Papyros is the ONLY paper that I use when creating my designs. It performs very well at high temperatures and holds up beautifully under the stress of my glass manipulation process.



Reduce Prep Time
No need to mix or stir the primer, buy or clean an applicator brush. No need to wait for the fusing primer to dry between shelf coatings. Just cut PAPYROS to shelf size, place on the shelf, insert into the kiln and start firing!

Achieve Exceptional Separation
A single layer of paper will prevent glass from sticking to the shelf at full fusing temperatures.

Reduce Air Bubbles
PAPYROS is porous, allowing air to circulate. This reduces the probability of air bubbles from forming between the glass and kiln shelf.

Reduce Breakage
When shelf primer is applied unevenly, glass may stick to bare or unevenly coated areas during expansion. When this happens, glass can pull apart and break. PAPYROS ensures an even coat between the glass and kiln.

Protect & Maximize Kiln Shelf Life
PAPYROS protects and prolongs the kiln brick shelf life.

Fast & Easy Clean-Up
PAPYROS is quite durable, and tends to retain its paper-like qualities during firing, rather than decomposing into loose dust. This allows for fast and easy clean up.

Wide Variety
Available in a wide range of sizes and formats for the hobbyist or professional artist.


Cut Sheet
Cut Sheet a minimum of 1/2″ (13mm) larger than the glass piece.

Place in Kiln
Place sheet on kiln shelf, then place piece of art directly on PAPYROS.

Fire art in usual way.

Remove from Kiln
Once glass has cooled, remove it from the shelf. If necessary, rinse off paper residue with water.

To Use:
Line the entire shelf, or cut a piece of PAPYROS measuring at least 1/2″ larger than your project (on all sides), then place your glass project(s) on the papered shelf and fuse as you would normally.

To Clean Up:
When you’ve decided that you’re ready for a new piece of PAPYROS, follow the Safe Handling instructions listed below to dispose of the expired paper.

NOTE: If using a Shop Vac, ensure that your HEPA filters are changed on a regular basis so vacuum functions correctly. When using a trash basket, make sure you use one dedicated for paper disposal that has a fitted lid and is lined with a plastic bag. Empty trash bags on a regular basis.

Safe Handling:
Always follow these basic safety steps:

  • Wear gloves when handling.
  • Avoid breathing residual dust when cutting pre-fused PAPYROS, or cleaning post-fired PAPYROS from your kiln shelf.
  • Wear a respirator that is NIOSH-approved for dust when working with PAPYROS.
  • Wear safety glasses with side shields.


Typical User Style Item Number English Metric
Easiest way to cover a small kiln Pre-Cut Rounds PYROS – 13C-100 13 in 33 cm


Perfect for occasional fuser


Sheets – 500 pack


Sheets – 100 pack


PYROS – 20.5x20.5-500


PYROS – 20.5x20.5-100




20.5 in x 20.5 in




52 cm x 52 cm

Crafters who want the benefits of a roll as well as the convenient space-saving dispensing box  

Craft Roll*


PYROS – 20.5x82


20.5 in x 82 ft


52 cm x 25 cm

Provides the opportunity to benefit from purchasing a full width roll without the investment of a full bulk roll  

Studio Roll**


PYROS – 41x33


41 in x 33 ft


104 cm x 10 cm

For serious fusing studios that require a high-volume roll at the lowest price  

Commercial Bulk Roll


PYROS – 41x250


41 in x 250 ft


104 cm x 76 m




*Crafters’ Narrow Roll Covers 75 entire 13in shelves (56% better 13in shelf yield over using sheets)
** Studios’ Wide Roll Covers 90 entire 13in Shelves (133% better 13in shelf yield over using sheets)